The Amazing G. R. Lyons

I am a big fan of this author. I have been so since the Matchmakers series. These were just a start to an amazing complex world. There are so many books that are from the Shifting Isles world. Luckily G. R. Lyons shows the connections on his website. You can also find the timeline […]


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Too Close To Lose By M. A. Innes

Imagine this. Your favorite author, not one of your favorites but your ultimate favorite author just released a book. Not just any book either. It’s about characters you already love. Because that’s how awesome they are. They can’t let them go anymore than you can. That’s how I feel right now. To me characters and […]

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Made for You by Anyta Sunday

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ There is a reason Anyta Sunday is the queen of mm slow burn romance. She always nails it and she did so again with Ben and Jack. Plus, we get Milo as an added bonus. I was lucky to get an arc of this. The wait was killing me. My heart went out to […]

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