The Vale Valley series

Those who know me know I’m a big fan of series and anthologies. I see this as the ultimate in both. It’s a series done by a group of authors. They brought the town to life for me and made me wish I could visit.

Book 1

Mated Under the Mistletoe

By Conner Crowe


So worth waiting for!!

I am loving Vale Valley. While this one dealt with a dragon and an omega other town residents were met and mentioned. I love when you get a paranormal mix. I may have only read the first one so far but I think it’s the perfect start to this series. Some key events happened that I think will not only trigger more but also the into what is already going on. I’m most looking forward to the unique style of the writers and how they will blend together as a whole. In my mind this is like an anthology on a grander scale and I can’t wait to read more.

Book 2

Twice as Joyful

By Lorelei M. Hart



These guys were so fun to read. The little surprises and tender moments were the perfect balance for the heat they put out. Only one thing drive me crazy. I even went back and checked to see if I missed it. What did the uncle’s letter say?

Book 3

Three Roses

By Alice Shaw



This one is darker than the first two. My heart ached for the guys. Interestingly we do learn more about the town and some of its residents.

Book 4

A Swan for Christmas

By M. M. Wilde



Is it too early in the series to say I want the authors to do this again? I am loving this. And this one had a swan shifter…sigh. I have been wanting some avian shifters. It’s always a great surprise for me when they step outside the norm in regards to what type of shifter is in the story. Having not only a town of mixed paranormal but mates as well is the best. I can’t wait to read the next one.

Book 5

Five Gold Rings

Xander Collins


I wanted Rafe to get a story.

From the first mention of Rafe I wanted him to have his HEA. When we meet Chris and Jason I knew he would be perfect for them and they would be for him and Grace. Vale Valley is such a wonderful magical town and I wish it was real.

Book 6

His Christmas Lullaby

By Leyla Hunt



Another wonderful read in the Vale Valley series and another pair of different type shifters. After reading again about Ren’s crepes, I am craving one. This is truly a magical series and we learn more with each read, and we get to see it all unfold with every author adding their personal style to each book. In to the next one.

Book 7

A Holiday Magic Mixup

By Quinn Michaels



Now this one packs quite a punch. We learn a lot here about the town and it’s coven. I don’t know if this series will hold all that can be from Vale Valley and I’m sure I’m going to want more.

Book 8

Breakable Faith

By Michael Mandrake


Wow so good!

Because of who wrote this I knew I’d like it. My only concern was that one of the MC’s is a priest. I tend to avoid those kind of reads. Being that it’s part of the Vale Valley series and by this author, I had to read it. Not in glad I did. Maybe it’s because it’s in an omegaverse world but the priest thing was My an issue at all loved every minute of Mateo and Lance’s story. I can’t wait to start the next book.

Book 9

Omega, It’s Cold Outside

By Coyote Starr


What a delightful surprise.

Since this author is new to me the only expectation I had was that the story fit in well with the others in the series. It blends in perfectly with the others. I was thrilled to see that Kord, Elijah, and Noah are all bobcat shifters and the author used some of the known traits of bobcat in the story. You’ll have to read it all to find out what I mean :). I am enjoying this series so much.

Book 10

O Little Town of Vale Valley

By Summer Chase


So good.

Another new to me author and another great read. Slate and Zach are perfect for each other. I do hope that Zach looks into the sheriff’s suggestion. I loved this story and want to read more about them.

Book 11

The Drummer’s Heartbeat

Giovanna Reaves


Yes!!! What the series needed.

What happens in this story was needed. We get some answers we were waiting for and get a new perspective on some people and things. I hate that I ran out of books.

The authors of this series have done an amazing job. Having each book done by a different author while keeping true to each other’s stories and how they wrote their characters had to have been a lot of work. That tells me how much this was a labor of love project. They have done an extraordinary job giving us beautiful stories with amazing characters. Plus they left us thirsty for more.

Book 12

A Bundle of Joy


Yes!! Just what I was hoping for!

I was so happy to see this. I hated leaving the Vale Valley world. Thank you to all the wonderful author’s for working together in this amazing project. We got to see how our couples are doing and who has babies. There was some great surprises and I can see in some places what could be up next. Next time I get asked which imaginary world I want to live in I’ll be saying Vale Valley. The place that loved you as you are, paranormal or just weird like me.


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