Rough Terrain by Annabeth Albert

A fantastic read in an amazing series. I have wanted Rooster’s story from the moment we met him. I knew there was some serious hidden depths there. I’m so glad Canaan was for him. Both needed each other. I totally called the grandpa situation at the ending. I just didn’t have the specifics. I also suspected the Darien thing as well but not the conclusion. I literally raised my hands and cheered at that. What Annabeth Albert does best is get us so connected to the characters that we feel right along with them. Their moments of self doubt to their epiphanies, we are right there with tears or warm feels. While I hate when the story ends, I love that they always leave me in happy tears.

Here is the rest of the series starting with Book 1 and my review for each plus the Amazon link.


I loved Zack and Pike. Pike is just what Zack needed. With all the fear and doubts plus continued harassment he’s been going through, it’s no surprise he is like he is. Seeing them both learn so much about not only themselves but each other and what they really want out of live was powerful. You know a book is good when you feel the need to Gibb smack a character and really want to throttle another. I can’t wait to read At Attention and On Point. Actually I always eagerly await here next release.


This is why I love reading Annabeth Albert. Every step of Apollo and Dylan to from first seeing each other in the store to the end of the book was realistically done. Apollo’s pain and guilt were so deeply felt. Even with all that Apollo was going through I still grieved for Dylan as well. In addition to a great story, there were some glimpses of other characters I can’t wait to read more about and some old faces made an appearance as well. I love how this author can have the books in a series so seamlessly flow together yet still stand on their own. I look forward to many more exciting reads from this amazing author.


This is the best one is the series. All of the emotions were on a much deeper level. There was excitement and fear. Plus some laughter and the big deep ugly crying. As much as I have loved every book by this author this one is by far my favorite. I got in deep and didn’t want to see it end. Yet when it did I couldn’t imagine a better ending. I was given the privilege and opportunity of an advanced reader copy and am voluntarily leaving a review. I can’t wait to see where Annabeth Albert will take this series next.


See this is why I love Annabeth Albert. Fourth book into the series and she just keeps getting better. The emotional ride Dustin and Wes have us on is a prime example of why I’m an avid reader. Plus it doesn’t hurt with the whole Navy Seal thing either.


Whenever I go to read one of Annabeth Albert’s books I know I’m going on an emotional journey but for this one she kicked it up big time. I don’t want to give any spoilers so let me just say I’m so glad she wrote Mark. Granted the story is about both and what they feel and how they deal with situations is important, but we don’t get enough characters like Mark. Excellent writing throughout the whole read. If you’re looking for lots of hot sexy times you won’t find it here. What you get is the full spectrum of emotions and a lot of personal growth. Truly a read that won’t disappoint. I highly recommend this series and this book especially.


This is why I love this author. A beautiful age gap romance that gets you thinking. Interestingly, I think it was Spencer who had to grow and learn the most. This is so much more than a love story though. What Spencer is trying to accomplish is very important and Annabeth Albert has done a beautiful job of making us aware. While I love all of her work, this series is my favorite. Getting beyond the uniforms to the real men underneath, and that’s what our military are. Real men and women with their own personal struggles. An excellent read from start to finish. Makes me want to hide in my reading cave and read them all over again while I wait for the next one.

Annabeth Albert has a wide range of books to choose from including other series and standalones. With so many smazing stories and superb writing, you are sure to have many wonderful hours lost in the beautiful worlds she as created. Here is the link to her author page.


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